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  We take great pride in what we do, and nothing feels more rewarding than making our customers happy! All comments below were submitted by customers currently hosting with us, and we would like to thank them for taking their valuable time to send us feedback. Thank you for putting your trust in us!
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Total number of testimonials: 657
Testimonial #1
You guys went above and beyond on my service request. I was really prepared for the worst - I messed up - but you guys saved the day! Thanks!
Michael Moreno
College Station, TX
Testimonial #2
in the HTML Analyzer can you add the ability to identify the images JPG, TIF. GIF etc that are not connected
to any item in listings
Walter Kransky
knoxville, TN
Testimonial #3
Paul is always attentive and accomplishes the needed task with professionalism
Dave Wilson
Moab, UT
Testimonial #4
to Paul Schultz
Sr. 2nd Level Administrator
Support Supervisor
Thanks for setting me straight on billing. I have never expected two different due dates, one for domain name, one for website. Seems like its been that way forever, but always weird to my mind. Thanks for taking time to reply, thanks for being there.
Robert McClure
Huntington Beach, CA
Testimonial #5
So grateful for the insight , patience and continual hand-holding that Paul has offered us as we strive to catch up with our webpage. When we've come undone, we've appreciated the help that was beyond our abilities. THANKS!
curtis bird
Denver, CO
Testimonial #6
A,ways available, prompt, friendly and professional assistance. A pleasure to work with you!
Vance Fisher
St. Joseph, MI
Testimonial #7
I'm transferring service from another provider. I made a mistake with the usernames, and these guys were fantastic at helping me solve my problem. It may have taken some time, and some back & forth emailing...but they made sure the end result was what I was looking for. These guys are amazing!!!
Troy Buffum
Grinnell, IA
Testimonial #8
Webmasters has the Bedt Service as I can attest for the past 15 years. They are friendly and are on call 24 hours / day. They do the little things for me that others will not. They also are up to date with their equipment and can help you when needed.
Thanks to everyone at Webmasters.
Donald A Brown
Gimme a Lift
Don Brown - President
fort mill, sc
Testimonial #9
Have been hosted here for years & host clients as addon domains - LOVE your company. Question: new clients are wanting WordPress sites & the low level of PHP service is limiting what I can build for them. Any chance that WebMasters will offer PHP 7 in the near future? Would prefer to keep hosting my clients here as I KNOW the reliability of your service & don't really want to find a new host service. However, may have to so I can provide my clients with higher grade back end offerings. Thanks!
Carmella Troisi-Hoerr
Phoenix, AZ
Testimonial #10
Support is rarely needed, but always very responsive.
Rick Ilowite
Nyack, NY
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