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  We take great pride in what we do, and nothing feels more rewarding than making our customers happy! All comments below were submitted by customers currently hosting with us, and we would like to thank them for taking their valuable time to send us feedback. Thank you for putting your trust in us!
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Total number of testimonials: 658
Testimonial #1
Webmasters, I can't thank your team enough for all their help! I am a VERY small business owner with enough technical expertise to be dangerous. I decided to re-launch my WordPress Website with WooCommerce Storefront, a WooCommerce Theme and a bundled PlugIn Package. How difficult could that be??? Well if I weren't hosting with Webmasters, it would have been a disaster. But you walked me through what I needed to do to move to an Apache 2 server and reset my PHP settings. All I had was the "white screen" with error messages that your techncial staff interpreted for me and gave me the documentation to follow. We did it together!!! Thank you WebMasters for taking it one step at a time and your encouragement! In fact, one of the support notes said "You are almost there!" which was a great encouragement to me!!!! Many thanks for all your help!!!!!!!

Jenifer Slocum

President & Founder
Jenifer Slocum
Gulfport, FL
Testimonial #2
I've had a couple of issues with email in the past year and each time the support team responded quickly in seeking a resolution. Much appreciated.
Dale Mitchell
Harrison, TN
Testimonial #3
Paul and the team were brilliant and helped me a ton. Much appreciated. That is why I have been a customer of Webmasters for over ten years. Peace, Peter
Perter B Sims
Chicago, IL
Testimonial #4
Been a client of Webmasters since the early 2000s and never had a problem or reason to complain.

And when we screwed up our catch-all settings they were very understanding and hardly laughed at or mocked us at all! 8 ^ )

I don't know how their rates compare to other companies because we've never even thought about switching.
David Hildebrand
San Anselmo, CA
Testimonial #5
Ryan g is the best guy you have working for you. Good guy. Promote him.
Robert Slavik
Osceola Mills, PA
Testimonial #6
Thanks for the quick reply and help.
Michael LoDico
Boulder Creek, Ca.
Testimonial #7
I always get a prompt resolution to my issues. Staff is professional and understanding of my concerns.
Mike Gustin
San Tan Valley, AZ
Testimonial #8
Webmasters.com is the best. As a webmaster, I'm involved with several sites hosted by Webmasters.com. They never fail to impress!
Jack Iddon
Xenia,, OH
Testimonial #9
Thanks for answering my questions on installing WordPress on an Addon hosted Domain.
Dave Bruse
Duluth, GA
Testimonial #10
Thank you for handling a complicated job so efficiently and with little bother.. Good job Ryan!
Jane Porter
Burke, Va
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