1. TRUST - One Of The Oldest Hosting Companies
We have been in business since 1994, making us one of the oldest web hosting companies around! We are profitable, well capitalized, and debt free, with no desire to attract investors, go public, or be bought out. This allows us to focus on what really matters, making our customers happy!
2. QUALITY - Features Not Available Anywhere Else
Our exclusive suite of web based management tools such as the Hosting, Domain, and Server control panels were developed in-house, and offer unmatched functionality, speed, and ease of use for micromanaging every aspect of your account.
3. SUPPORT - Experience You Can Count On
We do not outsource support to outside vendors. Members of our Support Team are highly trained webmasters who have had real world experience in running their own websites. Each team member can communicate directly with our developers, and get even the most complex issue resolved quickly and efficiently. This allows us to provide high level support around the clock with as few "escalations" as possible.
4. RELIABILITY - Higher Network Uptime
Our servers are hosted in 3 separate data centers for maximum redundancy, each with multiple Gigabit fiber-optic connections to top tier 1 backbones. This results in consistent network uptime of greater than 99%. Don't take our word for it, click here for an independent uptime report on our company!
5. SPEED, SPEED, AND MORE SPEED - Up To 80% Faster Page Loads
Our custom Apache web server automatically compresses web pages during transfers, resulting in download speeds of up to 80% faster, and a reduction in bandwidth usage by roughly the same margin. We also have the fastest loading control panel anywhere!
6. CONSISTENCY - Same Upgrades For All Customers
We perform regular software and security upgrades which are distributed throughout our entire network of servers at virtually the same time, providing the same level of service for all customers at all times.
7. LESS SPAM - Proprietary Spam Filtering Technology
Our proprietary, customizable spam filter blocks over 98% of spam and viruses. The advantage of having our own anti-spam system is that we can block new types of spam as fast as spammers can create them. Once a new general spam pattern is detected, all customers' filters are usually updated within minutes.
8. EASY TO USE - Install Popular Web Applications In Seconds
Our Auto Installer lets you install over 50 popular applications such as blogs, forums, guest books, shopping carts, content management tools, and many others in seconds, with no manual configuration or programming experience required.
9. VALUE - True Value For The Money
Our one plan one price Business Hosting package is truly a great value, as it is designed to fit the needs of most small to medium size websites. There are no hidden fees for "Abuse Handling", "Complaint Processing", "Extended Support", "ICANN Administration", etc., as the standard fees we charge are enough to sustain our business model.
10. SATISFACTION - 100% Money Back Guarantee
We stand behind our products and service 100%, offering an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied for any reason.

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